Экспресс-почта “РИКА”
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    9:00 - 18:00
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    9:30 - 14:00


Our success is inherently linked to the success of our customers. Our customers’ interests are inseparable from our interests. We are trusted by all sorts of people and organizations, from individual entrepreneurs and retirees to large corporations with tens of thousands of employees, knowing that we greatly simplifies the lives of our customers, allowing them to pay more attention to their families, work and business. They understand that we treat every mail with great attention, care and responsibility. It is a firm foundation for our relationships, which gives priority to trust and respect. 

We promote the growth of the Kazakhstan's economy, making it more flexible and efficient, improving the living standards of the Kazakhstanis. We see our company’s development through the perspective of development of the whole Kazakhstan. Wealth and well-being of our country is created by thousands of individuals and companies that works day-to-day on new products and services demanded by the market. We help people and companies to exchange ideas, data and information via a safe and effective way, doing the work of entire communities more coherent, consistent and productive. 

Logistics for us is more than work or business; this is the purpose of our lives. It is not just a set of standard colorless transactions and business processes. Dispatches entrusted to us – are interesting ideas and new projects, important components of plans and intentions of our customers. It gives us a sense of involvement in their success, whether they are going to university, buying a new car, commissioning a new dwelling house or a next segment of the railway track.