Экспресс-почта “РИКА”
  • Call Centre:+77172 27-03-00
  • Call Centre:+77172 51-21-86
  • Call Centre:+77172 51-21-76
  • Call Centre:+77172 51-21-23
  • Working days:
    9:00 - 18:00
  • Working days:
    9:30 - 14:00

Additional services

Additional services for our customers

Other Charges: 
-For shipments with mark «URGENT» и «Fixed time delivery» «___» 200_y., « » O’clock — KZT +1000 supplementary to the tariff for each full/half 10kg.
-For shipments with mark «Delivery from hand to hand», «Tender» - KZT +1000 supplementary to the tariff.
 - Hard copy of Proof of Delivery (POD) cost: KZT 400
 - Hard copy of Proof of Delivery (POD) cost by email, WhatsApp (It’s important indicate in consignment note email or mobile phone number with active WhatsApp program KZT 50
 - Redirection within the same destination KZT 800
 - The third time delivery attempt KZT 800
-  The second courier request for shipment returning or secondary content allocation to earlier sent shipment during a day
KZT 600
Pick up and shipment delivery after 6:00 pm KZT 1 500 to regular rate
RIKA’s consignment notes are archived in a month from the date of delivery.
 - Providing information from the archive:  KZT 2500
 - Information from archive provides on inquiry.      
 Waiting time in the Customer’s office:  
 - Courier can wait shipment receipts in customer’s office during 10-15 minutes.   
 - Waiting time over 15 min: KZT 950 per each 30 minute

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