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Delivery within Kazakhstan


 (Nur-Sultan*, Almaty* and within regional centers of Kazakhstan)
(Delivery time 1 – 3 working days)


Weight (kg)

Rate KZT


up to 2 kg


each next 2 kg up to 10 kg


over 10 kg

on request

2. Rates for delivery of documents and parcels between Nur-Sultan*, Almaty*, Shymkent, Ekibaztuz, Zhanaozen, Stepnogorsk, Semei and the regional centers (except c. Turkestan) of Kazakhstan

Rates apply for both directions. 
Delivery time 1 – 3 working days

   weight (kg)  
2-1 0,5 kg 1985
2-2 every subsequent 0,5 kg 310

3. Special rate for delivery of documents, parcels of the regional centers of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Nur-Sultan * Almaty*, Shymkent, Ekibastuz, Zhanaozen, Semey to the next localities as: Kosshy v., Schuchinsk c. (Akmola region), Besagash v., Boraldai village, Kazzinc v., Kaskelen c., Otegen Batyr v., Talgar c., Terekty v. (Almaty region), Balkhash c.; Zhezkazgan c.; Temirtau c. (Karaganda region), Aksai c., Turkestan c..

Rates apply for both directions.
Delivery time 3 – 6 working days

  Weight (kg) Tariff KZT
3-1 0,5 kg 2605
3-2 every subsequent 0,5 395

4. Rates for delivery of documents and parcels between cities of republican’s cities, oblast’s centers and towns below oblast’s centers and district centers of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Rates apply for both directions. 
Delivery time: 3 – 8 working days 

  Weight (kg) Tariff KZT
4-1 0,5 kg 4970
4-2 every subsequent 0,5 kg 550

Rates for delivery of documents and parcels among oblast’s cities and republican’s cities of Kazakhstan by land vehicle
     Delivery time: 6 – 14 working days

  Weight (kg) 0-25*
5-1             Rate in KZT 9750


Weight (each full / partial kg) over 25 to 50 over 50 to 100 over 100 to 200 over 200 to 300 over 300 to 400 over 400 to 500
  KZT per 1 kg 387
356 325 294 279 263

*Rate for shipments land delivery between oblast’s centers of the Republic of Kazakhstan for weight from 0 to 25kg is KZT 9750. Rate is fixed and not divided.

All rates indicated in KZT, VAT included as well include: the cost of packaging (envelope, invoice) courier call, two delivery attempts, delivery of invoices.
Delivery times indicated in working days, day of pick up not take in consideration.
Note: The delivery time is specified in working days, the day of collection is not taken into account.
Terms and rates for special orders, non-standard shipments, large-sized cargo, as well as delivery to localities below the district center and delivery by a special courier - upon prior request, the price is negotiable.
If the «volume weight» exceeds the «actual weight», the calculation is made according to the «volume weight».
Additional services:
For shipments marked «Urgent» and «Deliver «__» ___20__y., "_ _ «hours» (on working days from 9 to 18 hours) - +1000 tenge in addition to the tariff for each full / not full 10 kg.
The cost of providing a Notification of delivery is 400 tenge.
The cost of providing a Notification of delivery by e-mail or WhatsApp system is 50 tenge (it is mandatory to indicate the e-mail address or phone number with the current WhatsApp system on the invoice).
Redirection in the same locality — 800 tenge.
The third attempt of delivery — 800 tenge.
Repeated pick up for shipment return or attachment of additional correspondent to previously already picked up shipment during the day of dispatch – 600 tenge.
Pickup and delivery of correspondence after 18-00 — + 1500 tenge to regular rate
Shipment delivery marked «Personally», «Tender» — +1000 tenge in addition to regular rate for each full / not full 10 kg.
Rika consignment notes are archived in 1 month upon the date of delivery of the shipment. The cost of providing information from the archive is 2500 tenge. Information from the archive is provided upon written request.
For the return of non-delivered shipments, due to incorrect address indication, absence or departure of the consignee, as well as for its re-forwarding to a new address, a fee is charged as for newly sent correspondence.

Waiting in the сustomer's office: the courier is in the process of accepting correspondence from the sender for no more than 10-15 minutes.

The waiting time for the courier is calculated from the moment it arrives at the address of the application for receiving mail, respectively, the waiting time for the courier is within 10-15 minutes and includes the preparation of the necessary documents when processing the shipment.

Attention!!!!! Further shipment waiting depending on operator’s decision!!!!!
Waiting for more than 15 minutes -950 tenge every 30 minutes.
* Service Zones:
City of Nur-Sultan – within the boundary road;
City of Almaty – within boundary city of 2012 year.
** Please clarify the delivery rates to destinations, which are not listed in the current table, at the nearest RIKA office.