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Dear customers,

Before draw up and paying for the shipment (parcel) to another country, please read the information below.

The obligations, services and functions of RIKA LTD do not include:

  1. Consultation on the customs clearance of goods in other countries, as well as assistance with the customs legislation, customs privileges and duties, taxation of imported goods, and other related matters.

  2. Customs clearance of goods in other countries. RIKA LTD does not provide this service outside Kazakhstan and does not charge any fee for it from senders or receivers. When sending goods by RIKA LTD from Kazakhstan, you pay RIKA LTD only for delivery services.

  3. The responsibility for the delay or seizure of the goods by the customs authorities in the destination country and, as a result, the violation of delivery deadlines. The reasons for such incidents can include false information regarding the nature and value of the goods provided by the sender in the invoice, customs clearance delayed or refused by the recipient, or content of the goods being prohibited for import into the destination country. Depending on the customs legislation of the destination country, the consequences of the aforementioned actions can vary. They may include the customs authorities holding the cargo until the recipient completes the customs clearance process, or the confiscation of the goods by the delivery service due to import restrictions or the expiration of time period allocated for customs clearance.

In connection with the above, RIKA LTD recommends senders:

  1. To familiarize with the customs regulations and rules for the import of goods in the country where the goods are sent to, or clarify them with the recipient. If the recipient is not familiar with this information, inform them about it or ask them to familiarize themselves with it.

  2. Specify the most reliable information in the accompanying documents for the goods (invoice, consignment note). This will help avoid delays in customs clearance in the destination country and unexpected expenses for the recipient related to duties and customs clearance.

With respect and hope for understanding,


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